Critical thinking is not encouraged enough in schools

I consider critical thinking to be one of the most important human virtues. It allows us to think for ourselves and it defines our character as well as our personality. I strongly believe it should be taught and heavily encouraged in schools.

It seems to me that schools, in general, are all about memorization, which develops kids’ ability to memorize but causes them not to be  able to think analytically. If all teachers and professors taught children everything they know, their knowledge would be limited to what they were taught. On the other hand, if all children were taught how to think for themselves, their knowledge would be pretty much limitless.

Another reason why I think critical thinking should be taught in the early stages of human lives is that I often see adults struggling with simple tasks that could be done effortlessly. Instead of problem-solving, analysis and other attributes of critical thinking, they just do whatever they were told and greatly complicate the task at hand.

In conclusion, critical thinking has a big role in everyday life as it shapes beliefs, opinions, knowledge and much more. It helps people comprehend facts and shape their solution to the tasks at hand.

Emil Dautović, 2.b

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