Report on Gorenje Field Trip
This report is aimed towards describing how our field trip went at the beginning of this school year, which was heavily impacted by the coronavirus. Since I really enjoyed the trip, I decided to write a report focused on presenting it.


As this field trip was meant to be a part of the learning program of the school, we had to attend some lessons and were involved in different outdoor activities. The whole event lasted for 4 days and we did something different and unique every single one of them. For example, we went on a bicycle trip in the morning once and had a lesson on the use of different commonly seen plants.


Just like it did for everything else, the famous virus also changed rules and expectations of our adventure. Some of the restrictions severely affected the mood of individuals, as we had to wear masks all the time except when we were outside or in our rooms, all the meals in the diner were served painfully slowly, caused by the social distancing rules.

General impressions

Most if not all my classmates believe this was a fresh and needed change from ordinary school, but think it was a shame that we went on this field trip in the first week of the current school year, because when I think of an event that lasts more than a day, I find it to be a short break from the hard work in school and in the first week we were fresh from the summer break and could endure a month or two of learning. However, not everyone found it exciting and new but that is to be expected.


All in all, the school organised a successful event that most of the student were comfortable with despite some limitations and in the end that is what really matters.

Avtor: Matej Kos

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