My Recent Hiking Experience

The aim of this report is to recount my experiences from the recent hike that I took with my family, as well as present its benefits.


It was during the winter holidays on a beautiful sunny day when my family and I decided to go on a longer hike than usual to Smokuški vrh. We prepared all of our necessities, made ourselves some sandwiches and drove to the starting point of our adventure.

The hike

The hike itself took us about 2 hours and involved trudging up a steep mountain and slipping on large amounts of ice and mud. Arriving to the top, we ate our food and prepared for the descent down the mountain, during which we took to running. This ended up shortening our estimated hiking experience by at least 15 minutes. As we arrived back to our starting point, we tiredly settled into the car and took off back home.


As previously mentioned, the hike was to some extent tiring, but having the thought of the awaiting destination and sandwiches on our minds, we were able to continue without any problems.


Waste of time?

I find it to be incredibly relaxing and healthy, as you can exercise as well as breathe in some fresh air at the same time. For me it is also a great time to relax and daydream. Therefore, I can hardly consider it to be a waste of time.


Hiking is overall a great form of activity and I cannot find anything better than a nice hike into the mountains with friends or family. I think it would do well for people to venture into the woods from time to time, as it could be a great stress reliever and help you forget about work and/or school.


Avtor: Ela Hlastan

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