Report on how online learning at Jesenice  Grammar School has changed from last year

The aim of this report is to provide my personal evaluation of how online learning at Jesenice Grammar School has changed from last year. As a student of Jesenice Grammar School, I wrote this report to compare last year’s online learning with this year’s experience of online learning.

The situation

Schools have been temporary closed due to the corona virus pandemic for the second time. Consequently, students have been online learning for the second year now. There are noticeable differences as far as assessments, lessons and methods are concerned.

Online learning last year

Last year, teachers sent weekly assignments to students and set deadlines for their submission. Student had to send pictures of finished work as evidence. There were almost no Zoom meetings. At the beginning there were many problems for students, such as too much work and unclear instructions that were later resolved. As far as last year’s assessment is concerned, there was more oral testing and almost no tests.

What has changed

This year, students and teachers meet on Zoom almost every lesson. Students are still given some assignments to do, but less work than in the previous year. Their knowledge is tested regularly, using Many teachers use less oral testing than in the past year. The problem now is occasional bad internet connection, which causes disruption of lessons.


In conclusion, this year’s online learning is very different from last year. There are more Zoom meetings and fewer assignments. Online learning is very similar to school learning now. The difference is only not seeing each other in real life.



Avtor: Ana Žvan


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