To Read Is To Live More Than One Life

Some students may find reading books exhausting and try to avoid it. However, once given a chance, it can prove to be a great way of diverting ones thoughts from everyday life. For me it seems to serve as an escape from reality, where I can imagine different worlds and interactions between fictional characters.

Over the years, reading books has become increasingly more neglected, as people have invented ways to avoid it, such as audio books and movies. However, the continuously growing number of people that willingly pick up a book every now and then, are able to take part in the wonderful experience that is immersing themselves in a good read.

The readers that have a tendency to lose themselves in stories, can pride themselves on the ability to live multiple lives at once, as they can picture their favorite fictional world perfectly and play out any scene they want, completely forgetting about their real lives.

For some, it might also be a way of blocking out unwanted thoughts, and creating a better version of the world in their minds. They use the given plots and ideas to form their own stories and occurrences that are saved in their brains for access during boredom, or they just create an outright safe haven they visit during tough times.


Personally, I fall under the category of the fully immersed readers, as I spend multiple hours a day reading and living in the fictional world. I can become so emotionally invested that I begin portraying the emotions written on paper and reenacting the scenes, losing track of time and not being productive at all.


Avtor: Ela Hlastan

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